Youth Programs

Youths of today are digitally connected near 100% of their waking hours. Many of them have never been without a digital device since their early years and some even prior to their first years in school. While the digital connection is nearly imperative with today’s family life style, it is also imperative that cyber security becomes woven into the very fabric of everything digital. 

We believe it starts in the home but, how many families even take time to discuss things like: cyber etiquette, social media sharing, age appropriateness, and the like? Cyberbullying has received national attention and organizations have conducted many studies on the behavior of both the victims and the person doing the bullying but, has anyone asked the question, “If we stressed proper cyber etiquette would there still be as much cyberbullying?” 

Perhaps, together we can change the cyber world and at least lessen many of these challenges by helping to educate our youths on some leading practices that can help protect a family and their home now and into the future as they become adults and parents.

We are pleased to be affiliated with the local San Diego schools and other youth organizations. We have helped provide cyber education for PTO/PTA organizations and youth focused organizations like the Girl Scouts San Diego, and the San Diego-Imperial Council of the Boy Scouts of America. We would be happy to work with your school and/or youth organization.

Contact Us for details and to schedule a session.

Girl Scouts of San Diego

A Community Partner with the Girl Scouts San Diego, Securing Our eCity Foundation was the first organization in the nation to provide a “Cyber Patch” for the Girl Scouts in 2011.

Since 2011 we have provided cyber security educational events for the Girl Scouts as well as individual troop cyber education sessions, based upon their age-level and troop schedules. During these troop level sessions, we encourage the parents to join in the conversations and better understand how their child is using their digital devices and what is highest importance to them. 

Some of the focused topics include:

  • Ethics
  • Social Networking
  • General awareness of best practices

Troops may also request a special workshop to help the girls achieve a specific their merit badge or walk in their Journey/Pathway. 

Contact Us for details and to schedule a troop session.

San Diego-Imperial Council of the Boy Scouts of America

Working in close cooperation with program directors at San Diego-Imperial Council office, the Securing Our eCity Foundation has been instrumental in working with the Boy Scouts on their Cyber Chip Award and their Digital Technology Merit Badge. Securing Our eCity worked in close cooperation for the October 2016 World Scout Jamboree On the Air & STEM Fair. SOeC was the first organization in the nation to award the “Cyber Defender Patch” for the Boy Scouts in 2012 and is working in close cooperation to provide the first Cyber Merit Badge for the Boy Scouts.

The educational session for the Boy Scouts not only focus on the criterial for the Cyber Chip Award, Digital Technology Merit Badge but, also: 

  • Cyber Ethics
  • Social Networking
  • General Leading Practice for safety and security of the scouts and their home

We encourage scout leaders to reach out and schedule a session for their Boy Scout troop or be sure they sign up for the STEM education session held through the Council.

For more information and to schedule a troop session Contact Us directly. For information about STEM educational programs at the Council visit the local Council site.

Securing Our eCity Cyber Boot Camp

The Securing Our eCity Cyber Boot Camp is an exclusive, invitation only, opportunity for high school teams that have chosen to participate in the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge and qualified for the Finals in that challenge. The week-long camp provides an additional deep-dive, hands on experience for the students and further advances their opportunities in one of the most exciting careers in today’s world – Cyber Security. To learn more about the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge click here

You can view the gallery from the SOeC Cyber Boot Camp 2016 here.

Securing Our eCity Poster Contest

Each year, Securing Our eCity Foundation hosts a Cyber Security Poster Contest. The intent of the challenge is to provide an outlet for students that care about cyber security but may not wish to learn coding or other more technical things that are usually associated with cyber security. The aim of the contest is to have the students provide a focused message that can help educate their peers and adults on things they should be aware of or actions they should take to improve their safety and security online or while using digital devices.

Typically, the poster topics are divided into six categories associate with cyber security such as: 

Cyberbullying, Free WiFi, Identity Theft, Phishing, Sexting, and Socializing Online. All submission must be accomplished using only digital programs such as: Microsoft Paint, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, or other digital art application/programs. Judging is done by a panel and all entries must meet the basic requirements outline in the submission documents. The 2017 SOeC Cyber Poster Contest will be formally announced and begin accepting submissions in August 2017. Stay tuned for more details! The contest is open to all middle and high school aged students. Home schooled, private, charter, and faith-based schools are also encouraged to participate. 

Below are the 2016 winners. Click the thumbnail to expand.

Grand Prize Winner

Grand Prize: Kylie – Del Norte High School

High School Winners

2nd Place - Brandon

3rd Place - Alex

1st Place – Jessica

Middle School Winners

1st Place - Jacob

3rd Place - Caleb

2nd Place - Gabrielle