Understanding the basic elements of computers and the Internet make it easier to see the big picture and why individuals and business must consider all factors and elements that must protected to become cyber secure. 

2017 Videos

Mission - Mission statement and what SOeC stands for

Cyber Hygiene - Check list /  poster with steps to take to reduce your cyber risk

WiFi Tech Tips - Tips on how to stay safe when going on line and using either public WiFi or your own

Cyber GoBag - Tool to have on hand if/when someone has been hacked

Tools to be Prepared - Overview of the tools a person should have to be prepared and safe while going online

The following video lessons are complements of students from SOeC’s 2015 Cyber Boot Camp. Click on the links below to watch the video lessons.

Protection Starts Here

Click on the videos below to learn how you can better protect yourself on the web.

Other Useful Videos