Learning about cyber security and some of the best practices. Staying safer online can be fun for the whole family or even your colleagues at work! The Securing Our eCity Foundation has developed specialized games and activities to accompany our cyber security Foundational Workshops. For a sample, you can download our Cyber Word Search.


Have fun and learn about staying safer online! To engage with us and play our game of CyberFeud, send a request to


Cyber Word Search

For all ages, find the cyber security words embedded in the puzzle. Click here to play.


Agent Surefire

Become a cyber investigator while you play our Agent Surefire! You will search around a virtual office to see what trails staff have left for cyber criminals as you help protect “The Office!”

Breach Buster is an engaging cyber security adventure game for ages 13 and up. It is set in an office where a security breach has occurred and Agent Surefire has been engaged by the management to uncover the perpetrator. Along the way, in communicating with “The Central,” the agent finds out that the perpetrator just left the office and may be working with a notorious hacker on the outside named Cyrus.  Click here to play.



Fun for ages, the SOeC Cyber Wheel allow participants an opportunity to test their knowledge in multiple areas of cyber security. This fun and engaging ‘game’ is great for corporate events, kids at school or even your sales force!

Contact SOeC to request our Cyber Wheel as an activity for your group.