Our documents are divided into two categories – one for your office and one for your home/family. The bottom line: Cyber security is a shared responsibility and everyone should do their best to practice cyber hygiene.

Be sure to check out our cyber hygiene “posters” for a quick reference of things to do to be safer online.


Business Resources and Tips

Bringing IT Home Critical Infrastructure booklet that helps Business to better Prepare, Prevent and Respond to cyber threats.

Cyber Security Tips for Business SOeC basic tip sheet for business owners and staff.

Into the Breach SOeC Law Enforcement Workgroup’s steps on what to do if you are a business and believe you have been breached.

Cyber Hygiene Business Poster Download, post, and share with your staff and colleagues.

View Helpful Videos for your business from former FBI Agent, Darrell Foxworth.

Individuals & Families

Cyber Security Tips for Family SOeC basic tip sheet for families.

Cyber Hygiene Home Poster Quick tips for families to enjoy a safer experience online.  

SOeC Internet Use Contract A contract for teens and parents that outlines agreed and approved Internet use. 

TechTips Learn how to improve your home protection by updating your router and firewall passwords. You can even hide your WiFi broadcast signal.

Cyber-Go-Bag When disaster strikes, whether man-made or natural, are you prepared to start your digital life again? What about all of your precious documents? Do you have copies?  The SOeC Cyber-Go-Bag resource outlines a few things to consider. Do more than discuss it, act now.

Cyber Defender's Activity Booklet Learning can be fun! The Cyber Defenders Activity Booklet takes children between the ages of 8 and 11 through fun activities and word games they are used to doing in school activities, but focuses on cyber security learning. Simply print out the pages and have fun with your student or child.

Report a Cybercrime

Cybercrimes can happen to anyone. Take action today if you are a victim of Cybercrime. 

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