Pathway for the Future

Submitted by Liz Fraumann

Whether you are a high school senior, college graduate, former military personnel, or just looking for a change…Informed Journeys can help you get there faster.

It’s May 2018 and you graduate in about 20-30 days. You don’t have a job yet, whether it is a summer internship before you enter college in the fall or you have just graduated with a BS/BA degree. You’ve sent out hundreds of resumes, but there have been no “bites” yet. You’re not even sure what it is you really want to do! And, going back to the soda shop isn’t the right answer. You need real work experience. Informed Journey’s might be able to help. It is a career mapping system that helps guide you through choices and outlines additional courses or shows potential careers that would fit what you already have. With multiple patents and White House awards, this tool is one for students of all ages and walks of life.

It is also perfect for our service personnel just leaving the military. Typically, with years of training and experience, understanding how it all translates into the civilian world can be a challenge! With Informed Journey’s it becomes much easier. It is worth your time and effort to take a look as you walk your pathway to your future.