Cyber Security Training & Certification

Submitted by: Liz Fraumann

Cyber security training and certifications can open doors for students and professionals alike.

What are some of the options to secure additional training and/or certifications?

If cyber security is a field you want to become involved in, continual training is needed and certifications can be a ticket to open doors for you. Right in San Diego County, there are numerous offerings for degrees in cyber security or IA (information assurance). National University, one of our partner for over 5 years offers a Master’s Degree in AI. Coleman College also offers both a BS and MS degree in cyber. USD offers an MS and Leadership course specializing in cyber and cyber law. Then, there is access through training companies like New Horizon, and others.

The coveted CISSP is presented by ISC2 at least once a year for testing and certification locally as are other certifications like: A+Net, CISCO certifications, and many more.

To consider the possibilities look at the SDCCOE Accelerator Map. (note: scroll to the bottom of the page)