Spring Cleaning – Time to Change Your Passwords

Okay, okay… yes, you have heard this before, “Chang your passwords” … all of them… often. Spring cleaning; when the time changes; when you forgot what it was…but, for your own sake and those around you, JUST DO IT! You ask, is it REALLY THAT important? Read on…

Changing your passwords is just plain and simple cyber hygiene. From the time we were toddlers we can recall hearing our parents say “remember to wash your hands.” Now, as adults we do not have to be told. Most of us JDI to borrow from Niki, Just Do It!

So, you ask, is it really a big deal? It depends on how important your privacy and access to your accounts is to you. We can tell you that it is important, and we have since 2008. Cyber specialists can tell you it is important and they have since early the ‘90’s. But, have you taken action? Are you actually doing it? Take a scan of this article from CSO Online magazine, February 26th and consider how many of your account passwords might just be in this list of 80 million…”2,844 new data breaches added to I’ve Been Pwned”. You might just decide it is time for Spring Cleaning!


Provided by Liz Fraumann