Thanks Chief!

Thanks Chief!

A woman of many talents, and a partner fighting crime, in some fashion, likely for the rest of her life. We commend, salute, and thank you Chief Shelley Zimmerman for your honor, integrity and caring of our community, America’s Finest City, San Diego!

About the Chief

We wish you well, Chief and hope all of your dreams come true. You have been so good to San Diego. Thank you!

C – Charismatic and Caring
H – Hero for today and forever
I – Independent yet she can/does work within a team
E – Energy – filled with it, she is non-stop
F – Fun loving, yet serious when she needs to be

Z – Zeal for life
I – Influential, but appropriately so
M – Memorable, from the moment you meet the Chief, you never forget her smile
M – Maximizing the credibility of the SD Police take great care in protecting the SD
E – Eager to keep the streets of SD clean and safe for all citizens and visitors
R – Ready, Will and Able, one of her mottos
M – Modern Woman, breaking through any ceilings, making us all proud
A – Above and Beyond – any call of duty, the Chief was ever present
N – Natural Leader –

THANK YOU Chief Shelley Zimmerman