Caring And Sharing

Caring and Sharing

 “It takes a village...” Perhaps, but it most cases it really just takes a group of people that really care. One individual can and usually DOES make a real difference. Read on how you can slip into those power shoes and help our future cyber defenders and leaders. READ MORE:

If you watched the State of the Union Address, recently, then you learned about the Marine that threw himself on a grenade to save his fellow soldiers. If you watched the SuperBowl you saw how an undefended, star quarterback was sacked. In both cases one person, just one, did and could have made a difference. We are looking for a few brave, caring individuals or companies to step up and help build our Scholarship fund that will be given directly to the schools of this year’s SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge.

Be that person that takes it on and does make a difference – a difference for our teens to become the best they can be for our community, and our great nation. Click here to set up your Crowdrise group and help us reach $100K for the schools to build out their cyber programs. Be the one that makes THE difference. Note: All funds gathered prior to 20 March will be distributed to the 2018 SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge Finalist schools.