The Tin Cup and Jingle Bells - The non-profit you choose to donate to, can make a difference

In the mid-1800s, 1865 in fact, the Salvation Army was started. Most of us recognize this long-standing non-profit organization by the “bell-ringers” standing on local streets beside the large kettles in an effort to collect funds to help the less fortunate leading up to the holiday season. In San Diego alone, there are approximately 9,000 non-profits all looking for businesses and individuals to help their cause. “…to whom much has been given, much will be required…”

With the advent of the Internet and ‘everything’ digital, many organizations’ causes go un-noticed or under-funded. In a recent article the number of cyber jobs that will go un-filled by 2021 are anticipated to be…3.5M…

Consider helping a future cyber defender/leader donate to the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge.

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Written by Liz Fraumann November 2017