SoCal Cyber Cup Underway

A New Experience For Students - SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge 2017/18 

The great news about the SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge that just wrapped up the Practice Round I, is that beginning on 11 December through 31 December – Practice Round II starts! 

Students and schools/organizations that missed the first round still have an opportunity to jump in and see what all of the excitement is about. Teams are typically associated with a school, but organizations like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Boys & Girls Clubs, or just friends getting together are all welcome to try their hand. 

Go to and explore. 

You can still register. 

We strongly recommend that your coach register first and in the comment field cite the affiliation. We will ensure your team school/organization is then listed within 24 hours so the students/participants can register with help from their parents and then… Let the games begin!

Written by Liz Fraumann November 2017